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On fanfiction, slash, and wonderful things
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  So, this isn't super important, and I'm not sure how I feel about blogs, but I'm sick of looking at my profile page and seeing the stupid welcome message and nothing else.

  Yesterday, I discovered something extraordinary! Before, I had taken to copy-pasting entire stories that I love off-line, so that I could take them with me on my computer or my kindle, and not have to worry about finicky authors taking their work offline forever, where I could never read it again.  This, as you might imagine, can get pretty tedious!  Chapter after chapter, copy and pasting into a Word document; it was just too much. But yesterday, my problem was solved! You see, I found this little device called the fanfiction downloader 1, which does all the work for me! It even exports the stories as .MOBI files, so I can put them on my kindle!
  This was quite exciting, especially in the light of the [supposed] aftermath of cracking down on Mature-rated works on the site: who knows if Fictionpress will be next in line for the slaughter. I quickly made all my favorites into files that I could bring with me, before the evil authority could strike next.  (A/N: If any author wants to sell a copy, and has a copy of the book on smashwords 2, or some other online-fiction site, I'd be happy to buy a digital copy instead of my somewhat pirated copy.  Although, I'm not sure if you can really pirate something that's free).

  Now, slash.  I really enjoy slash!  I find it freeing to read stories of gay romance, but especially ones with plot and other good story aspects.  I was speaking with the author of a few of my favorite stories 3 about the lack of places to find this sort of story online, because, let's face it, Fictionpress definitely has a type. While it is indeed easier to find the sorts of stories that are plot-ful by nature and only happen to have gay characters online [as opposed to in print], it is still rather difficult to weed through all of the somewhat soppy writing that's out there.  I wish there was some website made specifically for the type of writing that amazes with plot, etc, but as it is, I just have to deal with what already exists.

  Finally, I think I will post some of my writing on this website, as I haven't before.  Not that anyone ever checks my page, but oh well.
  a If you have a Mac (I'm not sure if this applies to PC users), you also have to download a program called Calibre in order for the downloader to convert files to forms other than HTML.


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